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If You Want to Rescue Women from Trafficking, This is for You 7/6/2015

There’s a movement spreading throughout Southeast Asia.

Rescued women in the Philippines and Thailand are choosing to return to the same bars where they once were captives. They want to set their sisters free.

Together, they are living out their Freedom Story.

She Was Freed from the Shackles of Always Pleasing Guys 6/29/2015

When God called Vashti Wills of 2014 J Squad to a remote village with in the mountains of Thailand, she only went out of obedience. Little did she know he was going to meet her there in a way that would change her life forever.

I Met a Man Who Was Tortured for Christ 6/22/2015

While in Nepal in February, Naz Hagos of 2015 Q Squad met a man whose story would change her life forever.

June Featured Racer: Kendra Harris 6/17/2015

Kendra Harris of 2014 K squad is learning how God can use her dreams, desires, and gifts to not only give her joy, but also advance the kingdom on earth.

The Dangerous Prayer I Prayed in Africa 6/15/2015

While in Swaziland, Katy Steele of 2014 K Squad prayed a dangerous prayer - to be more wrecked for the people of this world in the final three months of her Race than she was in the first eight.

7 Important Life Skills You Will Learn on the Race 6/11/2015

Along with the incredible stories, adventures, and lessons learned along the way, Mary Brinen of 2014 G Squad reflects on 7 important skills she learned while on the field. 

You Have Power and Authority. So Walk in It. 6/8/2015

For Alice Sudlow of 2014 J Squad, the Race has been about learning to walk in the authority given to her as a child of God. 

20 Truths About Being a Man on the World Race 6/4/2015

So what does it mean to be a man on the World Race? Kyle Suddoth of 2014 H Squad gives us a pretty good idea in this blog post:

I Experienced Training Camp and Now I'm Done 6/3/2015

July 2015 RTU Squads left Training Camp on Sunday, after 10 days of camping, team formation, and learning what it means to missionally live and serve as men and women of the kingdom of God. Julia Robertson of T Squad says it best: She's done. 

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