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Dear Pornography


Did you know that pornography actually drives the demand for sex trafficking? And that mainstream pornography is actually a form of trafficking itself? 

We know a lot of people out there struggle with this addiction, and the heart behind this post isn't to shame anyone. It's meant to give hope.

Austin Shugart, currently on the 8th month of his Race, delivers a spoken word about his addiction to pornography and how he overcame it.

He Used to Buy Girls, Until He Met Jena


While on a Beauty for Ashes trip in Thailand, World Race Alum Jena Foster met three Chinese tourists while waiting for rain to pass. She had no idea her conversation would lead to one of them becoming an advocate against human trafficking - just days after he purchased a girl for the night.

Announcing August 2016 Race Routes


The August 2016 routes are live on the website! Check them out and start your application today!

What I Learned From Drug Addicted Kids


After repeatedly finding the young boys from his ministry site sniffing glue when they thought no one was looking, Austin Shugart of 2015 N Squad was frustrated. Then God changed his perspective.

My Friend Ronny Was Dead For Three Hours


While walking through a village in Zambia, Alicia Wrigley of 2015 N Squad met a man who was dead for three hours and came back to life. His story left her speechless, but what happened next she’ll never forget.  

Why I Spent a Week in Drug Rehab in Colombia


When Patrick Booth of 2015 M Squad was invited to speak in a men’s drug rehabilitation program, he knew exactly what he was supposed to do: enroll as a patient for a week in order to learn more about the men there. He had no idea just how much those he met would impact him.

Why I Spent a Day as a Blind Man


After a few hours of depending on his teammates for everything, God asked him this life-changing question.

God Led Me to Him; What Happened Next Was Amazing


This year we launched the first ever FUSION squad - a World Race squad made up of Korean, Vietnamese, Swazi, and US Racers. Through their 7 months on the field, these Racers have pioneered what it means to serve as the global Body of Christ.

Racer Simeon Rodgers shares how the Holy Spirit blew his expectations of prayer out of the water.

August Featured Racer: Bekah Shearin


Bekah Shearin of 2014 L Squad has been really digging into her World Race experience, and what God has uncovered is something truly incredible: her true self.

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